Introduction to Oil Painting Course at the Turner’s Painting School


Total course cost is £150.

Secure your place today with a deposit of just £25.


Introduction to Oil Painting Course

Are you thinking of learning to paint? then visit Turners Painting School we are here for you.

Who is the course suited to

The Introduction to oil painting course is ideal for the complete beginner or individuals wishing to get back into oil painting.

Your first day

We’ll presume you know nothing of painting in oils and you will be guided through the process,

All materials supplied

All the equipment is supplied during the course to create your own masterpiece.

The Cost of the Two Day Course

Total cost is £150. Secure your place with a £25 deposit, then the remainder on day one

Your Tutor

Marc A Turner has been tutoring for over 20 years, with the desire to help people achieve their dream.

Understanding Oil Colours 

Understanding oil colours is essential to being able to create wonderful paintings with this amazing painting medium, we will help you.

Learning to paint in oils

The hardest thing to do in learning to paint in oils, is to make the move to learn the many ways of using this medium, the foundation of oil painting is critical in understanding how to use your chosen medium to create your artwork and masterpieces.

Will I be able to do it

oil painting is one of the most forgiving painting mediums you could ever decide to use but one of the most technical materials to understand, that is why it is essential to get the correct tuition from day one.

Day One

On that note, day one will concentrate on understanding colour and the value of colour so that you will be more comfortable with colour and understand the difference in your choice of colour to create your master piece.

Day Two

Day 2 we will be putting all the skills we have learned to create an amazing painting to be proud of that will look great in your home or as a gift to a someone.

The Venue

Turner’s Painting School is located in the wonderful grounds of Walton hall and Gardens.

Due to the current climate all courses will be restricted to a maximum of 6 students.

Lunch and breaks 

Due to the current regulations we are not able to offer refreshments so please bring your own, no food is permitted within the school so you will have to take your lunch the the covered area attached to the Heritage Café



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