Paint Like JMW Turner, One Day Workshop


Pay £25 deposit and £55 on the day of the  workshop

Paint Like JMW Turner

Paint Like JMW Turner, England’s most treasured painters, Turner left his collection to the country.

Who was he

Paint Like JMW Turner is about the painter of the sky, sea and atmosphere.

Who can join the workshop

You can create your very own Turner at the Turner’s Painting School.

This workshop, Paint Like JMW Turner, is perfect for anyone with a some knowledge of painting in oils or acrylics and want to try painting in a Turner style.

The Cost

The Cost for One days is £80 and includes all materials pay £25 deposit and £55 on the day

With the introduction of the new £20 note in 2020, what better tribute to one of the worlds finest painters

Your Tutor

Marc A Turner will be taken through the process in a step by step order to create your very own painting

Your Painting

You get to keep your painting at the end of the day of Learn to paint like JMW Turner.

Available places

Places are limited so be sure to book early to save disappointment.

Where are we

You can find the Turner’s Painting School at Unit 8 The Heritage Stable Courtyard, Walton Hall and Gardens, Walton Lea Road, Higher Walton, Warrington, WA4 6SN


The workshop starts at 10am until 4pm

Marc A Turner


20/01/2024, 20/07/2024, 23/03/2024, 23/11/2024


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