Learn to Paint En Plein Air


Total course cost is £75.

Secure your place today with a deposit of just £25.

Learn to Paint En Plein Air

 £75 per day Part 1, 2, & 3

Learn to paint En Plein Air or put simply, learn to paint out doors, be guided through the process in painting out doors so you can learn the correct way to set your self up and achieve excellent results in this difficult skills process.

What does it mean, Learn to Paint En Plein Air

As mentioned above it simply means painting out doors and this method was a major way to paint in the late 19th Century for the impressionist painters like Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh not to mention many other brilliant impressionists painters.

The Course

All levels and abilities are suited to this structured course as it is designed for all artist. but artist who have a good understanding of using oil paints will find it easier. The course starts at 09.30 to 13.30.

For the Beginner

We will make a special effort to look after the complete beginner so that they can enjoy the course without worrying about the abilities of other painters,


The structure of the Learn to Paint En Plein Air is based on both classroom work and field work, so that you will be comfortable to progress in the skills of your new chosen medium and genre.

Sage One

Students will enjoy stage one with an introduction, you will begin with an explanation and demonstration from your tutor followed by collecting your painting kit.

Off we go

The artist comfortable with using oil paints will be given the opportunity of a challenge wile the artist new to oil paints will be given a further demonstration in the field in how to paint with oil paints followed by a simple painting challenge.

Stage Two

Students begin with classroom work to view what you have completed in the stage 1 learn to paint En Plein Air, you will then be given guidelines to the further process and a demonstration and guided through a simple task.

Around Walton hall Stage 3

Each separate day that you come to paint out doors we will move to a new location within the Walton Hall and Gardens covering aspects like buildings, landscapes and the Zoo. this final stage will be a wonderful painting.

Your Tutor

Marc A Turner is your tutor and has a vast knowledge of painting and tutoring students in the skills of painting out doors.

Price and Location

The cost of the days course is £75 just pay a deposit of £25 and the rest on the day, the price is inclusive of all materials.

The course is run at the Turner’s Painting School within the Walton Hal and Gardens.

This is going to be an excellent and exciting year for Plein Air Painting.

Marc A Turner


09/10/2020, 10/10/2020, 25/09/2020


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