Turners Painting School is Open, Learn to Paint in a Safe Environment from 8th August 2020


Turners Painting School is Open

Turners Painting School is Open, Learn to Paint in a Safe environment.

Painting in a Safe Environment

On entering the studio you will have hand sanitiser and you will be guided to your work station, face covering is encouraged. We have reduced our places from 12 to 6 students only, the work stations give each student a large area to work in, new work stations that are easy to sanitise after each class, each work station has everything the student requires to complete their painting and each wast bin will have a bag so they can be tied up and disposed of safely.

Painting in the Studio

Turners Painting School is Open because we have made the studio an excellent and safe place to work, it is a much better way to learn to paint compared to an online course, during Covid-19 and Lock down we have all missed out on what we love, being with people and learning together, there is nothing better than enjoying being creative in an environment with like minded people.

Come and join us.

The Tutor

Marc A Turner

Your Tutor will be working from out side your work zone but will guide you by pointing out any problems with a laser pen

From the 8th August 2020, Turners Painting School is open for learning