Introduction to Oil Painting Course at the Turner’s Painting School

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Total course cost is £150.

Secure your place today with a deposit of just £25.



Introduction to Oil Painting Course

Total cost is £150. Secure your place with a £25 deposit.

The introduction to oil painting course at the Turner’s painting school is ideal for the complete beginner or individuals wishing to get back into oil painting, your tutor Marc A Turner will presume you know nothing of painting in oils and you will be guided through the process of painting in oils from the beginning with an understanding your equipment through to understanding how to use your equipment to create your own masterpiece.

Understanding Oil Colours 

Understanding oil colours is essential to being able to create wonderful paintings with this amazing painting medium, the chosen medium of many of the greatest master painters world wide.

Your Tutor

Marc A Turner has been painting for many years and tutoring for over 20 years, with the desire to help people achieve their dream to create the paintings they love.

Learning to paint in oils

The hardest thing to do in learning to paint in oils, is to make the move to learn the correct way, the foundation of oil painting is critical in understanding how to use your chosen medium to create your artwork and masterpieces.

oil painting is one of the most forgiving painting mediums you could ever decide to use but one of the most technical materials to understand, that is why it is essential to get the correct tuition from day one.

Day One

On that note, day one will concentrate on understanding colour and the value of colour so that you will be more comfortable with colour and understand the difference in your choice of colour to create your master piece.

Day Two

Day two we will be putting all the skills we have learned into practice and developing an amazing painting to be proud of and happy to take home as a gift to a friend or to hang in your own home.

The Venue

Turner’s Painting School is located in the wonderful grounds of Walton hall and Gardens.


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10/08/2019-11/08/2019, 14/09/2019-15/09/2019, 16/11/2019-17/11/2019, 18/10/2019-19/10/2019

6 reviews for Introduction to Oil Painting Course at the Turner’s Painting School

  1. Marc Turner

    I learned more in this two day course than I have done in ten years of painting.

    Words from one of our students

  2. Judith Booth

    Just had a fantastic weekend learning how to paint in oils. Well pitched at beginner level, covers all the basics in an easily digestible fashion. Marc is a very enthusiastic teacher. I came away with two oil paintings that I was proud of considering I hadn’t painted in nearly 40 years! Highly recommended and I will be back for more lessons.

    • Marc Turner


      Thank you for the wonderful feed back and so pleased that you enjoyed yourself.

  3. Anna

    Cannot rate this highly enough! When I booked on to the introduction to oil painting course I was a bit nervous about how clueless I was! I needn’t have worried. I was instantly put at ease and really enjoyed the course. Marc was fantastic- very informative and patient. I will definitely be booking more of his courses in the future.

    • Marc Turner

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment on our site, it is always good to get feed back and even better when the feed back is as good as your review.
      Thanks again, Marc

  4. Dyllon (verified owner)

    I’ve completed a 2 day beginners’ oil painting course. Having never painted with oils I was a little apprehensive but, I felt instantly at ease within a short space of time. Marc is an excellent teacher and his passion for art is obvious. I feel I have learned a lot in a short space of time. Perhaps even more importantly, I’ve come away with a real desire to paint with oils.
    I hope to attend more of Marc’s classes and would highly recommend him to anyone. He’s very helpful and approachable.

    • Marc Turner

      Thank you for leaving your comments, it was a pleasure to work with you and it will be great to see you again in the future, good luck with your new found hobby and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  5. Sharon Price (verified owner)

    Well, just had a fabulous two days learning to paint in oils at Tuner’s Painting School. Marc was so friendly and patient I soon felt at ease even though I had never painted with oils before. The studio is located in the beautiful Walton Gardens and I was initially greeted by a nice smile and a cup of tea. Marc is such a good tutor and an outstanding painter and his passion has inspired me to continue painting in oils and practicing the techniques I have learned over the last two days. I will definitely attend more of Marc’s classes and would recommend this course for anyone looking for a beginners course in oil painting.

    Thank you Marc !

    • Marc Turner

      Thank you for the amazing comments, it was lovely to meet you and great to see your progress over the two days.
      Take care and keep up the wonderful work


  6. Ramesh Mallya

    Marc has developed a unique style of teaching oil colour painting for beginners to advanced painters. In the 2- day course he covers a lot of groundwork, providing all materials at an extremely reasonable price and you learn techniques of old masters. I am not aware of any professional artist giving such value for service. He has in-depth
    knowledge pigments, paints, brushes, canvas, techniques perspectives and seeing a picture from one’s mind’s eyes to develop one’s own technique. Besides he has patience which is a virtue.

    • Marc Turner


      It was a pleasure to have you on the course and you did a great job, so pleased that you enjoyed it so much and thanks for the great review its wonderful, Its good to see that you have booked onto the continued learning in values, looking forward to seeing you again.

      Take care, Marc
      Marc A turner

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