Still Life Oil Painting Course, Beginners Class Monday


Total course cost is £150 for 5 weeks

Secure your place today with a deposit of just £25.

Still Life Oil Painting Course, Beginners Class 

Total cost is only £160 for 5 weeks, Secure your place with a £25 deposit.

The class starts at 12.00 – 3pm each Monday

The Still Life Oil Painting Course, Beginners Class at the Turner’s painting school is ideal for individuals with some knowledge of oil painting and wishing to get back into the basics of Still Life oil painting, your tutor Marc A Turner will presume you know nothing and will guided you through the process of painting still life in oils from the beginning with an understanding of how to create your own masterpiece.

Understanding Still Life 

Understanding still life is essential to being able to create wonderful paintings with this amazing painting medium, the chosen medium of many of the greatest master painters world wide.

Your Tutor

Marc A Turner has been painting for many years and tutoring for over 20 years, with the desire to help people achieve their dream to create the paintings they love.

Learning to paint still life

The process of painting still life is not just about placing items on a table and painting them, its about understanding the placement and light reacting with the subject and the ability to transpose it to your support.

Week One

On that note, week one will concentrate on understanding Shape and the value of colour so that you will be more comfortable with colour and understand the difference in your choice of colour to create your painting.

Over the next 4 weeks

Over the next 4 weeks we will be putting all the skills we have learned into practice and developing an amazing painting with the guidance of Marc A Turner your tutor

The Venue

Turner’s Painting School is located in the wonderful grounds of Walton hall and Gardens.



13/06/2022-11/07/2022, 18/07/2022-15/08/2022, 16/10/2023-13/11/2023, 20/11/2023-18/12/2023


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