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Free Painting Demonstrations

Marc A Turner will be giving a Free Painting Demonstration in Warrington Museum from 10th September to 14th September 2018

Marc A Turner

Marc will be Copying a painting of Lady Fildes throughout the day starting the at 10.30 am on the Monday and finishing at 15.30 on Friday 14th September

Come along for a chance to win 1 of many prises from a print to a painting course.


The location is the wonderful Warrington Museum

It is Free so take advantage and look in at this amazing demonstrations of Marc A Turner copying one of Warrington’s Master Painters Sir Luke Fildes works of art.

The Paintings

Over the year many free demonstrations have taken place with some amazing results and many pleased onlookers but this will be the best by far so why not come along and watch and learn, pop in at any time over the week.

Sir Luke Fyldes




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