Learn to paint in Tempera & Distemper Wednesday Evening Class 6.30-9pm


Learn to Paint in Tempera & Distemper Wednesday Evening Class 6.30-9pm £25 deposit

Egg Tempera for traditional art

Many Paintings still exist from the 1st century AD

The Workshop

The Wednesday workshop will be running for 5 Evenings and you will be Learning to paint in egg tempera and distemper.

The Aim of the workshop

Learning to Paint in Tempera and Distemper is a structured workshop aimed at introducing you to this medium and how to use it.

The Cost of the course

The cost of the course is £35 per evening of £150 for 5 evenings only and this includes all the Artist quality materials required to complete you art work.

Your Tutor

Marc A Turner has a wide knowledge of the subject and will help you to feel comfortable with the medium and how to use it the traditional way.

The Location

Turner’s Painting School is located at:

Unit 8, the Stables Courtyard,

Walton Hall and Gardens,

Walton Lea Road,

Higher Walton,



The first Day

On the first evening we will look at the materials and how to use them and we will have practice with a simple painting.

 Then we will create a more complex painting

We will practice painting a picture using our new found product and we will prepare our panels ready for further work.

Detailed work

Your tutor will guyed you in a step by step process to create your very own masterpiece.


05/01/2022-02/02/2022, 28/02/2018-14/03/2018


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